This article (and its accompanying and complementary presentation blog [https://telat14apmec.blogspot.sg/2017/01/elearning-in-medical-education-costs.html]) expands on ideas presented and elaborated on during the pre-conference workshop (https://telat14apmec.blogspot.sg/2016/09/essential-skills-in-elearning-pre.html), and main conference symposium (https://telat14apmec.blogspot.sg/2016/09/educational-technologies-propaganda-or.html) on this topic at the 14th APMEC. It will specifically address the issue of the costs involved, and value add of eLearning. It is presented in two sections, 1) as a series of short conversational style quotes intended to make a case for the use (or not) of eLearning / Technology enhanced learning, which were recently shared in the preamble to a more formal presentation on this topic; and 2) as a single paragraph compact article, augmented by internal keyword links to additional resources, links to the original workshop and symposium presentation blogs, an audio podcast (https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ltmt6z5unh6r6j/TeLforTAPS.m4a?dl=0), video (example1) (https://www.dropbox.com/s/igvpiya9j26kldg/TeLvid1TAPS.mov?dl=0) or video (example 1, embedded version below) demonstration, and interactive online bulletin (https://padlet.com/dnrgohps/practicalTipsToUseTeL) board (most updated versions of these media, and multimedia links will be on the blog).

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