For Reviewers

General Information

TAPS is a journal for the health professionals involved in the education of future practitioners. The journal publishes a wide range of articles in various categories – research papers, reviews and reports of innovations. TAPS publishes papers relating to research in medical and health professional education, pedagogical innovations and educational leadership and management.

Editorial Policy

Standard peer review procedures are used for submissions. The editors might request for suggestions of reviewers from the authors. The Editors-in-Chief retain the sole right to make decisions on the review process.

Format of review

The review comprises two parts:

Part 1 (For Editorial Board): Reviewers are required to give an outcome of the paper and provide any comments for the Editorial Board to make an informed decision.

Part 2 (For authors): Reviewers are required to give constructive feedback on how to improve the paper if revisions are recommended.

Reviewers will be asked to consider the following points:

  1. Appropriateness of topic – Does the article contribute to new knowledge or advance understanding of the topic?
  2. Style & Content of paper – Is the study adequate and relevant? Does the abstract reflect the content of the paper including methods used (if appropriate), results and conclusions drawn? Are the references adequate and in the correct format? Are figures and tables clear and logical?
  3. Recommendation – Accept/Minor Revision/Major Revision/Reject? Reviewers who recommend revisions are required to indicate if they would like to review a revision of this paper.

You may download a copy of the guidelines for your reference.

Review Process

reviewers flowchart

Note: The Editorial Board reserves the right to decide the issue in which the accepted manuscript will be published in. Authors will be notified only after their manuscripts have been published. Thank you for your understanding and patience.