Stefan Kutzsche1 & Erwin Jiayuan Khoo2

1Centre for Education, International Medical University, Malaysia; 2Clinical School, International Medical University, Malaysia


We are reporting the results of implementing Learning from Observation and Discussions at Clinical Campus International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This initiative was conceived and successfully implemented with the aim to identify medical students’ learning perception from self-reported learning experiences. A total of 80 semester eight medical students were invited to participate in the study. A structured, validated and reliable instrument developed from a work skill development framework was used to assess students’ perception of learning through discussions and observations (Total D&O), input from their experience providing future ideas (Total Ideas) and guided ward rounds as a new learning format (Total Visit). Informed consent was obtained from 42 students who participated over the ten-month period of the study. Data was analysed with ANOVA and structural regression equation modelling. The study showed that both Total Visit and Total Discussion & Observation can predict Total Perception of Learning. According to student evaluations, the Total Visits rating was the best single predictor summarising positive perception of rounds at the neonatal intensive care unit based on the significance values, partial eta squared and power. Students ranked the process of guided rounds at the neonatal intensive care unit as valuable in providing educational experiences and integral to their learning perception.

Keywords:            Perception of Learning, Bedside Teaching, Clinical Neonatology, Observational Learning

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