Introduction & Objectives: Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka conducts MBBS and BSc physiotherapy degree programs following SPICES model where educators have to play diverse roles in order to fulfil their responsibilities. Looking at them from a student’s perspective will help understand what students perceive as important roles of educators and help the students understand the educators’ different capacities. An effective medical educator possesses a range of qualities. Looking at them from students’ point of view indicates what they expect from teachers as professionals.
Methods: Harden and Crosby (2000) paper on 12 roles of a medical teacher was the conceptual framework for this study. Based on previous literature a questionnaire was developed with 20 different roles and 15 qualities of an educator. Study followed an analytical cross-sectional design with participation of 188 physiotherapy and medical undergraduates.
Results: Study findings indicated that the students’ perception on importance of different roles of teachers had a close overlap with Harden’s 12 roles. Information provider as a lecturer in class room in clinical settings, in practical settings, developing learning materials for lectures, clinical educators etc. Importance of being an examiner and curriculum planner was rated relatively low by students. Students perceived good communication skills, professional skills, knowledge and respect for patients as most important qualities in an educator.
Conclusion: Findings will help educators understand what learners expect from them and help students understand the different capacities of educators.

Keywords: 12 Roles of a Medical Teacher; Ideal Medical Teacher; Student Perception; Survey

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