Professor Hiroshi Nishigori

Nagoya University, Japan

Dr Hiroshi Nishigori is a Professor at the Center for Medical Education, Nagoya University, Japan. He graduated from Nagoya University School of Medicine in 1998 and became a Fellow of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (2004) and a Diplomate in Primary Care of the Japan Primary Care Association (2011). He obtained a Masters Degree in Medical Education from the University of Dundee (2008).

His research interests include BUSHIDO and medical professionalism (especially work ethics and pro-sociality) and Hypothesis-driven physical examination (HDPE).

He is working as an editor of the Journal, Medical Education Japan, a core member of the APME-Net (Asian Pacific Medical Education Network) and an Ambassador of the AMEE (Association of Medical Education in Europe) in Japan.

Dr Hiroshi is also a visiting Project Leader Professor at the Medical Education Centre of Graduate School of Medicine at the Kyoto University.