Professor Ronald Harden

United Kingdom

Professor Ronald Harden graduated from the medical school in Glasgow, United Kingdom. He practised as an endocrinologist before moving full time to medical education. He was formerly Professor of Medical Education, Teaching Dean and Director of the Centre for Medical Education at the University of Dundee.

Professor Harden is currently Editor of Medical Teacher and General Secretary and Treasurer of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).

Professor Harden is recognised as one of the leading international authorities in medical education and has received numerous prizes and awards recognising his achievements. He brings to medical education a unique blend of theory and practical experience. He has written extensively in his areas of interest and has published more than 400 papers in leading journals.  He is co-editor of “A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers” and “Routledge International Handbook of Medical Education”, and co-author of “Essential Skills for a Medical Teacher” and “Eight Roles of the Medical Teacher”.