Published online: 7 May, TAPS 2019, 4(2), 67

Soh Jian Yi

Department of Paediatrics, Khoo Teck Puat-National University Children’s Medical Institute, National University Hospital, Singapore

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for pointing out the similarities between the two Cycles and Professor Carol Dweck’s studies on Mindsets.

Professor Dweck’s mindsets are, in fact, part of the two Cycles. I agree with the need to provide more practical examples – the limitation here being the number of words I could pen in a journal article, plus the existence of the 200-page book of the same name, that does illustrate the exact examples you have asked for.

You are also right in that it would be speculative to classify all students/ learners on Earth, in the No-Ownership Cycle, as wanting self-praise. The Cycles were not written to assume that all learners must fulfil all points in each Cycle, such as wanting self-praise – that certainly cannot be true. The same can be said for those who project low self-esteem. I would quietly ask whether in the group with low self-esteem, would the (unspoken) desire be to then protect the self-image and self-praise?…or to go on to tear themselves further to bits?

I will elaborate further on two distinctions between the “fixed” and “growth” mindsets, and what seems to be similar in the No-Ownership Cycles and Ownership Cycles respectively.

The first distinction is that Cycles describe, chronologically, the general subconscious flow of thoughts that lead to the exact behaviors we see in each respective Cycle; the Mindsets don’t explain this.

The second distinction is that if one looks at the driving motivation in the Ownership Cycle to be a “I can be better” mindset – akin to the “growth” mindset – then the “this is the image I have of the world and I should be, in a fixed” mindset is akin to the “fixed” mindset.

Thank you for reading.

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Dr Soh Jian Yi’s article, The Ownership Cycle and self-regulated learning, was published in TAPS Volume 4 Number 1.

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