An Exclusive Podcast with Jenna Starr

Published August 15, 2022 tag category
An Exclusive Podcast with Jenna Starr

Female Orgasms – Have You Ever Made Your Woman Come So Hard It Made Her Cry? If Not, Read This

Discover the truth about FEMALE ORGASMS and a woman’s true potential for experiencing incredible SEXUAL PLEASURE. The fact is that most women are sexually unfulfilled and that’s why many (50%) cheat on their men. If you want to find out more about what you should be doing to blow your woman’s mind in the bedroom and give her THE BEST SEX EVER — read on now…

Why The Adult Film Industry Absolutely Sucks And Is A Bad Sex-Education For Most Men

Discover the truth about the adult film industry and the effects its porn movies have on men. If you’re a guy and you want to sexually satisfy your woman, you need to know this…

Great Sex – 10 Really Dirty Things You Can Do To Your Woman In Bed That She’ll Absolutely Love

Discover how to give your woman really DIRTY SEX that she’ll absolutely love. In this article you’ll find 10 ways to give your woman more exciting sex. And the great thing is — all of these ideas are cheap, easy-to-use and virtually guaranteed to ‘get your woman off’. Try some or all of them out for yourself and start giving your woman MUCH BETTER SEX tonight…

How To Blow Your Woman’s Mind In The Bedroom And Give Her The Best Sex Ever

Discover the truth about what women really want in the bedroom and how to give your woman the best sex ever. If you want to totally sexually satisfy your woman and blow her mind in bed, read on now; get the information you need to know and start giving your woman much better sex tonight…

Sexy Lingerie and Adult Sex Toys Are Great Gifts on Valentines Day

So what is the legend of Valentine’s Day? It is not really known and shrouded in Mystery as to exactly how the tradition began. All that is known for sure is that it started around 270 AD. Is this the day of lovers?

4 Ways To Keep The Passion When You Are Busy

After you have kids, it is often the children’s needs took precedence over other needs and the chances are your sex life will be affected. By the time kids have gone to bed, probably both of you are quite exhausted. But one day the children will be gone.

Bring The Passion Back With Text Messages

The best approach for bringing passion back into your relationship is by doing what you did when the connection was new. She needs excitement, and everyday foreplay to ignite the spark. Try bringing back a little mystery and sexual tension to your love life with texts messages.