Miami pt 4 Turned out

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Miami pt 4 Turned out

Miami is the man I love! Or I should say, Miami is the man I both love and hate. I?d known him now for over a year. I?d met him in my search for a large and practically untakeable black cock, and from the first day I?d seen his, I knew I?d found what I was looking for! From the moment xxx I first took it in my mouth and sucked it until my jaws ached, and felt his massive load of hot semen flood into over my tongue, I became forever his!

It took many tries of him fucking me before one night he forced it all into my hungry ass, causing me more pain than I?d ever experienced, leaving me gaping and sore, and dripping wet with his cum! So sore and abused, that in fact it was a while before I was even comfortable walking. He has a dark power over me that I will never be free of, no matter how hard I try.

My time with him had become a decadent, drug and alcohol induced orgy of sex and lust, and he openly referred to me as his bitch, an affectionately called me Baby Boy, though I was in my early forties, and he was only a couple of years older than me. I didn?t really look my age, and had always maintained a slim build, so lots of his friends found me desirable, and he often shared me with them, and though I?d have given anything for a monogamous relationship just between the two of us, I did whatever he wanted.

Since he was strictly a top, I knew I?d never experience the tightness of his own virgin ass muscles around my own cock, there was always a hot piece of ass hanging around for me to fuck. I?d even taken his dark skinned cousin Jr.?s virginity, and even fucked his 18 year old nephew Avery a couple of times! He exuded a controlling power over everyone around him, and everyone seemed willing to do his every bidding!

I often wondered how he supported his powerful crack addiction, and always had new clothes to wear. Of course I knew he was a hustler, and I?m sure I wasn?t the only one he ever serviced with his impressive piece of man meat, though no man had ever had a shot of his firm, fuzzy ass. I was about to learn his secret, and become a part of his world, a world I would have never thought existed in a small southern town. It was decadent and dark, and I soon found out what he meant by putting my ?cooder? to work!

A few days later, he wanted to introduce me to his friend Henry, and being up for anything, I readily agreed to go to his house. For once we didn?t even have to buy coke to smoke, because Miami said Henry had enough for everybody and was more than willing to share if I was willing to party. I knew then that Henry would most likely be fucking me, and my ass was burning with anticipation! I guess my addiction was for cock!

We arrived at Henry?s house, where he lived with a rather attractive white woman, who was obviously a crack whore, and seemed to be willing to do anything he asked of her. I couldn?t fault her for that, because I was as much Miami?s bitch as she was Henry?s. We drank crown royal, smoked coke, and played cards for a while, and then I found out what we?d gone there for. Miami was going to do her, and Henry was going to do me!

What made everything so strange to me, was that I?d never seen Miami do anything with anyone but me! I knew he fucked women, and surly had fucked other men, but for some reason I liked to think of him as my man. I found myself profoundly jealous, and extremely turned on as he pulled her shirt over her head, and began fondling, and sucking on her tits! When she undid his pants, and took his cock in her hand, I had to resist the urge to pull her off of him, and felt a loathing for both of them when she bent down and started sucking him greedily! Fortunately, they got up and went into one of the two bedrooms in the back, and I didn?t have to see any more! I turned my full attention to Henry, and since I was meant to be his for the night, I intended to let him have his way completely with me!

Henry was not a /bad/">bad looking man. He was slim and very well built, though a few years older than me, but still he exuded a dark sexuality, almost as dark as his ebony skin. I let my eyes fall to his crotch, and knew his cock must be very large, because it was filling his jeans to capacity, and realized he already had a full erection. That turned me on, and I felt my cock swelling as I made my way over to the sofa to sit next to him. I wasted no time unzipping him to see what he was packing, and it was very impressive!

It was not the full 12 inches of my old friend ?Lil Joe?, but it had to be close, at least 11 ? inches, and it was just as thick! It felt like a piece of hot steel in my hand as I stroked it from the giant head all the way down to the base, which was surrounded by a mass of wiry black hair, slightly tinged with grey! I could smell the strong aroma of cock and Old Spice, and the strong musk of male sexuality! I wanted this cock in my mouth, and in my ass, pounding me hard and deep, making me scream like the bitch I was! I bent, and began kissing it, and licking it, probing the pink flesh of the slit in its head! I took it into my mouth, and began to suck it in long deep strokes, taking the full length of it into my mouth!

Henry placed his hand on the back of my head, and held me down on his cock, pumping it up into my hot hungry mouth, gagging me with each deep thrust! I could taste the pre-cum oozing from his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock onto my tongue, and could feel the wetness in my boxer briefs as my own poured from my swollen and throbbing cock! When I could stand it no longer, I felt the cum rising through my shaft, and filling my shorts, and still I kept sucking him.

My jaw was aching, when he put his fingers in my hair, and pulled me off him, and began stroking his own cock. He told me to get on the floor, and I obeyed him, and dropped down to my knees, and opened my mouth to receive the hot flow he was about to release!

He placed the purple head of his cock to my hungry open mouth, and shot his massive load of love into it! I felt so good, and tasted like heaven on my tongue, thick and salty and hot! He squeezed every drop of it into me, then told me to swallow, which I did willingly, as he rubbed my face with his cock, and pressed his ball sack against my nose, forcing me to breathe his sweaty male odor! His /hairy/big-hairy/">big hairy balls felt good on my lips as I kissed them lovingly, while the weight of his dick rested against my cheek. I felt like a slave worshipping his /master/">master, and I wanted to feel his cock deep in my man pussy, plunging into me as hard as he could.

He led me back to his bedroom, and I could hear the sounds of Miami fucking Henry?s bitch hard in the other room, and knew I would soon be crying out like she was, and felt myself growing hard again just thinking about it! When we got in his room he closed the door, and we each took a hit of coke, then he told me to take off my clothes, and show him my ass, making me spread my cheeks so he could get a look at my pussy. Soon we were both naked, and his hands were on my ass squeezing me hard, and rubbing my hole. His cock was hard again, and I straddled him with my ass in his face, as I began to suck him again. He told me I had a /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass, and popped me hard on my right cheek, and then bit it!

As I sucked him, I felt his tongue at my hungry opening, and he began to eat me, licking me wetly, and probing deep into me! My God it felt so good! He was literally fucking me with his tongue! He spread his legs and raised them so I could return the favor, and I buried my face in between his firm ass cheeks, and forced my own tongue as far into his tangy, tight anus as I could! The smell of his ass was wonderful, and I sniffed him, and licked him, kissing the ring of grey tinged hair that surrounded his dark brown eye!

I cried out as two of his fingers forced their way into my spit wet /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole and began to dance against my /sweet/">sweet spot, and I was afraid I was going to cum again before he ever got near me with his long, thick, black cock. He said he was going to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard, and I knew he meant it, and I wanted him too!

He forcefully threw me off him, got off the bed, and grabbed my legs, pulling me down to the end of the bed at the corner. I was lying on my stomach with my legs dangling off, and spread wide open, like a horny perverted frog! He began popping my as cheeks with his open palm, first the left, then the right, spanking me like a naughty child! I loved it!

He stopped long enough to grab a jar of vasolene from the table, and I felt his fingers sliding inside me again, first two, then porn videos download three, pushing into me hard and deep, making me ready for his thick, /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock! I cried fuck me, fuck me as I felt myself cumming in spasms on the bed spread! As I shot my load, I felt his weight on me, and he began sliding his dick up my ass, never stopping until it was all inside me, making me cry out in painful /ecstasy/">ecstasy! He ground against me with all his might, stretching me, and filling me with his long, hard thickness! I was yelling fuck me, as he began driving into me and pulling out of me, and driving in again!

My hands clenched the bed spread tightly as he fucked me mercilessly, pounding into my burning rectum like a bull! I cried out uncontrollably, and I knew Miami and the other bitch had to hear in the other room, and I didn?t care! All I could do was take it, and heard myself crying out for him to fuck me harder! I know I screamed when I felt two of his fingers slide into me along side his cock, and I felt my poor pussy being stretched farther open than it had ever been!

His skin was pouring sweat, and felt like an oven against mine. I whimpered, and felt tears in my eyes as he fucked me. He was wrecking me, and I was loving every hard thrust! Soon his breathing grew shorter, and I felt his cock spilling a hot load of sperm inside me. I was crying shoot it in me, shoot it in me, as he filled me with wetness. When he pulled from me, I?d never felt so open, and wet, so bruised and abused. And he still had a /surprise/">surprise for me!

He rolled me on my back, and told me to spread my legs wide, and raise my legs, and I did exactly as he said. He smeared vasolene all over my aching ass hole, and his right hand. I winced as I felt him pushing his hand into me, first four fingers, and then the thumb too! I screamed, and felt myself cumming again as he forced his whole fist into me! The pain was like nothing I?d ever felt before, nor was the pleasure. I don?t know how long his hand was inside me, or how deep it went, because mercifully I passed out!