The Tenant

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Tenant

The great sex Zach and Kyle have had in the last few months has been amazing, they take each other out to dinner then go to a gay bar indian santali xvideo and drink until they go home and have endless hours of sweaty sex. They started to run out of money and to keep the same life style they are having the put an article in the newspaper offering a tenant a spot in the guest room on the far side of the house.

They interviewed a bunch of guys until they came upon this one guy Brian. Brian was an architectural major at the /college/">college and was looking for a place to stay because room and board was too expensive. Now Brian wasn?t an ordinary guy, he was /gorgeous/">gorgeous. He was about 6ft tall with a beautiful tan body and some great abs. Zach and Kyle immediately fell in love with this kid, they didn?t know if he was gay pr not but they were gonna offer him a once in lifetime chance once he gets to know them. Brian moved in and started paying rent which gave Zach and Kyle the money to go out and play some more. Well one day Brain was taking a shower so Zach sneaked into his room to see if I could find out of Brian was gay or not. That?s when he found it in his dresser a pile of /gay/gay-porn/gay-porn-magazines/">gay porn magazines and movies. Later that night Zach and Kyle decided to stay home for dinner, so they alain lyle porn ate at the table with Brian and got to talking.

Zach waited a while but brought up during dessert that he had gone through brains things and found them /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn. Brian turned ghost white when he heard the words come out of Zach?s mouth, he tried to get up, but Kyle got up and commanded him to sit down or he would be kicked out. Zach had a preposition for him. Zach told Brian that if he were to suck them and let them fuck him whenever they wanted, he could live in the house for free. Brian was getting all excited by this and you could tell because of the massive tent forming in his pants. He immediately took them up on their offer so they walked into the bedroom and Zach and Kyle got on both sides of him and started stripping him. Kyle took off brains shirt and through it on the ground and then started sucking on his nipples and slowly moving up to Brians lips and making out with him. Zach started loosening up his pants and boxers down to the ground as Brian?s Massive 8 inch dick popped out and smacked Zach in the face.

Zach started kissing the head lowly kissing down the shaft to his balls and then back up, Zach slowly put his mouth around Brian?s dick and then swallowed it whole, he sucked him nice and hard and in a few minutes he let out one large moan and shot seven heavy loads of delicious cum into Zach?s mouth. As Brian recovered he told Zach and Kyle that he was a virgin and that he had never been fucked before so they should go easy on him. Well that didn?t happen, Zach put Brian on all fours and mad him suck his dick until it was nice and wet then he spun him around and liked his ass and then shoved his dick in brains ass, the head popped in an Brian screamed out in pain but he was soon shut up as Kyle shoved his 7 inches into Brian?s mouth.

Zach was pushing in /hard/real-hard/">real hard now and started fucking him fast. Kyle was face fucking him, move his dick in and out of Brian?s mouth and the same speed as Zach. Brian was crying out in pain and pleasure as he was getting the fucking of his life, Zach and Kyle tensed up at the same time, the both gave one last shove and cummed in Brian a bunch of times. Brian was worn out but Zach and Kyle were not done yet, the just switched positions so, Brian tasted the nice creamy cum that was coming off of Zach?s dick and started sucking him off as Kyle shoved his dick into Brian with all the force in him. They both cummed all over Brian, and didn?t stop until about until about 8 o?clock the next morning, Brian had been fucked and sucked dick all night and when it finally ended he was exhausted so he passed out with Zach and Kyle right next to him. They woke up later and they asked Brian if he enjoyed the night, and the only answer he gave was when are we gonna do it again. He was in love with us, are dicks, and are cum.

He is still living with us for free and now Zach and Kyle don?t have to worry about going out and spending money, they don?t need to they have their own Sex toy right at home for free. So Zach and Kyle remain happy and are well taken care of thanks to Brian. Brian doesn?t ever want to leave them and probably won?t because he?s in love with their CUM!!!