Bought and Sold

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Bought and Sold

Ronnie was just boy when his Mother first took him to her bed for sex. His Mother was a very pretty woman, and herself very sexually active, she had always looked after herself, kept off drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, she looked and dressed much younger than her 29 years . Her own mother had put her on the streets when she was just 18yo, but she had been clever, and used her looks to good purpose, so she had gradually moved up in the profession. She was a whore, or rather a professional Mistress. Now she earned a good living, she was always very selective in her clients, and she never sold herself short. Ronnie had been her one mistake, and he had been born just before her fifteenth birthday.

She never told Ronnie who his father was, not that he particularly cared. In fact she never talked a lot about her chi-ldhood to Ronnie, it was as if she wanted to forget it, and so he never knew his grandparents. His life with his mother was not that brilliant. Frequently his mother would leave home for a few months to live with some well know politician or business man for a period of time as their paid mistress.

She would leave him with her friend Valerie, who in effect became a second mother to him, and she would appear occasionally for the odd day, or fleeting visits to see him, but frequently she would complain that Ronnie was a drag, and interfered with the running of her life. She never ever showed him the affection that a boy should expect from a normal mother, until the time she took him to her bed.

In fact his mothers friend Valerie and her two daughters showed him more affection than he ever had from his mother. When stopping with Valerie Tony had to share a bed with her two daughters. The two girls in their early teens enjoyed Tony’s company. and added greatly to his sexual experience. They were frequently left on their own to enjoy themselves, as Valerie herself worked the streets and most usually came home late, or not at all when she was locked in the Police cells.

Ronnie therefore, as far as his mother was concerned was in the way, but she always paid Valerie to look after him, and she provided for him generously.

His mother frequently complained that her few chances of a good marriage had been scuppered when prospective husbands found that she had a ready made family.

Like most boys his age he started to focus very much on sex. He was very well endowed for his age, and he was still growing, a point not missed by his mother, or Valerie’s two daughters who were always pleased to have Tony living with them .

His mother looking at his naked body, knew that if she played her cards right she might be on to a money spinner with him. There were plenty of women with money, who liked young boys and would pay well for them.

The money she had invested recently in buying cock enhancing products from the internet, had certainly seemed to work, and his cock was bigger than many young men ten years older, but then she reflected, his father had boasted a whopper as well, and that was how she had ended up /pregnant/">pregnant at fourteen.

A few weeks intensive and very enjoyable sex tuition from his mother had paid off, and now she knew for sure that Ronnie was a potential money spinner. Ronnie having been introduced to sex, went on from there. He was good in bed, and he was a good looking boy, and soon became increasingly popular with some of the local girls at his school, and one of the female teachers was briefly also very tempted.

He had made a number of short term conquests, but never ever had a regular girlfriend. His mother encouraged him to get all the experience he could, but cautioned him about making any young girls pregnant.

One night, his mother brought home a lady friend of hers, to put Ronnie through his paces. She appeared in the morning looking a little shattered and told his mother ’You’ve got a winner there, he never seems to want to rest, and I think I know just the lady who will be very interested in doing a deal with you.’


Lady Helen Carter-Smith had found herself a widow at the young age of 34. Her husband the 44 year old Major Sir Alan Carter-Smith serving in Afghanistan with the Fusiliers had stepped on a land mine thus tragically ending his three years of married life.

Helen herself had been a secretary working for a city bank when he had met her. She was a very pretty blonde young lady who led quite a hectic social and sex life before meeting her husband. The engagement had been short, and the marriage had been very much against the wishes of his family. However, his death had left her a very wealthy widow with a title, and there was nothing her ex husbands parents could do about it.

Helen since her husbands untimely passing had, enjoyed a few brief affairs with young men, but found them all very unsatisfactory. Following this, she had been found with a fifteen year old boy in her bed, at a seaside hotel, and it had taken a lot of influence from her husbands family to stop the incident from being broadcast in the press, and from being taken to court. Her husbands family tended to ostracize her from then on.

Helen remembered the enjoyment she had experienced having sex with young boys before marriage, and she longed to repeat old waman xxxgx the experience. If she could have her own boy she could train him to cater to her likes and dislikes, and to cater to her own particular fetish’s, therefore she had found that her affairs with the young boys, had been the most satisfying sexual experience’s of her life, and she longed to carry on with that life without all the fuss and attendant publicity,

Having thought about it deeply she had made a few discreet enquiries and for her it was like a dream come true when she had an offer one day from a friend of a friend, who said that they knew of a young boy, with good sexual experience who was available for sale at a reasonable price, and there would be no legal complications or fuss. A false birth certificate could be produced, but it would cost.

As money was no problem. Lady Helen expressed a strong interest, but insisted she meet the boy beforehand, to spend a few hours with him before she committed herself.

One day at Lade Helens request, his mothers friend Valerie took Ronnie to meet his prospective foster mother, and introduced him to the very attractive blonde Lady Helen Carter-Smith. On the way Valerie told him in no uncertain terms that Lady Carter-Smith had a fetish for young boys, and Ronnie was to stay with her for a day, and to please her in every way he could. She told him that the lady was paying her well for his services. Ronnie was quite happy to do this, as soon as he saw the lady. He thought she was lovely and was very interested.

Helen sat him down in a chair, and quite boldly asked him about his sexual experiences. Ronnie hesitated briefly, he did not want to get his mother into trouble, but Valerie was still standing there, and Ronnie saw her nod in approval, so he told Helen about the training his mother had given him, and that he was now well versed in every sexual experience possible to please the ladies. Lady Carter-Smith seemed quite happy with his experience, and as he finished talking. She said. ’Drop your Jeans Ronnie. Lets have a look at your weenie.’

Ronnie did as he was told, and Valerie quickly took his cock in hand, and within seconds teased him to a full /erection/">erection, much to Ronnie’s embarrassment.
Helen commented ’He is big for his age.’
’Valerie explained that his mother had been feeding him supplements, she had purchased from the internet which she maintained had helped a lot. Helen asked Valerie to leave them for a couple of hours, as she wanted to get to know Ronnie properly, before making a final decision. Valerie agreed but stipulated ’no sex’.

After Valerie had gone Helen apologised for the embarrassment, but she asked him. ’Do you know what we are discussing?’
’Yes Lady Helen you want to buy me for sex, you want me to fuck you.’
’Not entirely Ronnie. That is only part of it. I want to keep you as my own son - send you to school, and do lots of things with you as well that Mummy’s do with their babies.’
’But I am not a baby.’
’Well you would be to me - you would be my son and we would do lots of things together, as well as sex.’

Ronnie thought he understood, and he enjoyed his time with Helen, and although initially he was a bit nervous he soon relaxed, as Helen treated him well, and he obviously had pleased her very much as she gave him a lovely present of an expensive wrist watch, before he went home.’ She gave him a big passionate kiss on the lips before he left.’

Helen Carter-Smith was on the telephone to Ronnie’s mother as soon as Ronnie had left the house that day. She told Ronnie’s mother she had been very happy with Ronnie, and she said ’She said I am quite happy - what is your price?’

Ronnie’s mother had no real mothers affection for Ronnie, and she was no fool. ’You just can not buy someone just like that.’ She said.
’Yes I can, and as long as you keep your big trap shut, if you see to the birth certificate there will be no problem.’

She had previously thought of a price, knowing full well that Helen would probably want to bargain. ’I think he is worth 75 000 pounds.’ Helen laughed ’You must be joking!. I will give you twenty thousand pounds.’ But eventually they both agreed that 40.000 was a fair price for the purchase of Ronnie, and they agreed that his mother would have no future claim on him. This was far better than his mother had expected. But Lady Helen had plenty of money, and she could well pay to satisfy her lust for young boys.

The condition was that Ronnie would come the following day and that Helen would pay his mother in full in cash on his arrival.

It was later that day when he got home, his mother told him that he was going to live with Helen. She made it clear that it would be for ever, and she would no longer be his mother, and he would probably never see her again. In fact Helen would be his new mother in every way, and could give him a much better life than she could.

Ronnie was a bit shocked at first, but he had already got the same message from Helen, and his mother convinced him, that it would be best for both of them. When he demurred she said. ’Its too /bad/">bad Ronnie, the deal has been done, and you are going - so get used to it.’

Things moved quickly after that, and Ronnie knowing that his mother was being amply rewarded financially for the move, and also remembering how well Helen had treated him, had helped enormously in coming to terms with the move. The fact was, that she had not really given him an option, and his few belongings were soon packed, and he was put in a taxi and on his way the next morning.

The taxi dropped him with his mother at her house with his small bag of clothes and Helen was waiting with a parcel full of bank notes.
"Ronnie darling !" Helen Carter-Smith squealed ’Come in darling.. "I have a cold drink waiting for you sweetie! You must be terribly hot!"

"Yes I am my lady!" he told her.

’Now Ronnie lets get one thing straight. From now on you will call me Mummy or Mother. Do you understand?.’

’Yes My.’.. Mother.’
’Do you really know why you are here Ronnie.’
’I think so:’
’Your told me, and your ex mother said you liked fucking- do you.?
’Yes - very much.’
’Well that’s settled then, and from now on as far as anyone is concerned you will be my son - do you understand that.’
’Yes mother.’
Ronnie could see that she was very excited and he could see that she had been waiting impatiently for him to arrive. Before his first visit, his Mother had previously told him that Helen was a glutton for sex with young boys. Apparently she knew full well that sex with a fifteen year old boy was illegal, but when Mother during the bargaining stage had tried to use that as a bargaining point, Helen had just laughed and said well you do I!. Do you want a deal or not?’

’That’s why if I buy him, and he becomes my de facto son in the eyes of the world, it will be better for both of us. Yes I know I am probably a nymphomaniac, and I want him for sex as well as having a son, and I am willing to pay well for him, but I promise he will be well looked after.’

Apparently Helen had been waiting for him since the day before, when the deal had been done, and Ronnie could see from her demeanor when he arrived that she was going to give him a really good workout.

Helen was still just as beautiful and seductive, as she had been on her wedding day five years previously. It had been a friend of hers who had put her in touch with a friend of Ronnie’s mother, and hence the offer of Ronnie’s services.

Mother had done her homework on Helen before allowing Ronnie loose with her. She had discovered that Helen now still only 25 had always been a woman of powerful sexual desires. She had always loved fucking. Apparently even as a teenager, she had a reputation as a /fucking/hot-fuck/">hot fuck. When she had married and moved to her present home she had settled down considerably. Her husband had apparently been able to give her all the cock she needed to keep her happy. But now she was now completely hooked on boys and now Ronnie.

Ronnie knew why he was there, and so he was not at all surprised to find her wearing only a flimsy negligee. She obviously knew that he could see through the gauzy garment, and he knew, that she had lovely boobs with their hard little nipples. He could also see the shadow of her soft warm pussy nestling between her lithe legs. She could barely keep her hands off him, and she carefully watched his reaction as his gaze roved up and down her lovely feminine body.

"Well, Ronnie? What do you think about becoming my baby ?" Helen asked with a playful smile.
"Uh...a bit shocked , Lady Helen. I told you I’m not really a baby am I? ’ Ronnie said a bit rattled by this lovely woman.
’Mummy Ronnie, not Helen.’
’And yes you are my baby from now on darling, and Mummy will have to punish you if you keep forgetting to call her Mummy, Ronnie dear?" she said, putting her hands on her hips, smoothing the material of her negligee over her silken thighs.
"I am sorry I will try to remember Mummy.’

"Does it bother you that I'm dressed this way, darling? You know that you are here to look after your Mummy, and keep her happy darling.’ I dressed this way especially for you baby.’ Smoothing her garment over her bulging boobs, as she spoke.
Ronnie could see her pointy nipples and he felt his hardness begin to become little uncomfortable.

’Oh no Mummy I find myself speechless at your beauty and the thought of making love to you. Mummy dear. ’ He told her.

’Oh Ronnie dear you say the nicest things.’ She said obviously pleased by his reaction.

Watching her move her hands over her nearly naked body, made his legs weak and his erection come to full attention.

"Look what you are doing to my cock Mummy dear.’ he stammered.
’Oh dear Ronnie how can any woman resist the lovely things you say to her dear.’
’Yes Mummy dear but you are not any woman are you?’
"Helen put her arm in his and pulled him towards her bedroom. Putting her arms round his neck, and pulling him into a passionate kiss. He could feel her soft warm boobs pressing against his chest, her moist breath against his cheek as she broke the kiss and stood holding him close. he gathered this was the routine that she wanted to play with him every time they made love.. She knew that she was making his cock stiffen.

"Come sit beside me my darling boy. I won’t bite, although I might eat you," she purred, patting the bed next to her.

Ronnie sat down beside her. As soon as he sat down she put one arm round his shoulder. She slipped her negligee of her shoulder and made Ronnie take a nipple in his mouth , while her hand was busy undoing his zip, and releasing his now very /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock into the open.. The feel of her warm body, the tender warm touch of her hands, and her erotic perfume made him feel as rampant as he could ever remember in his life, as her body heat soaked into him and seemed to go straight to his balls.

She wanted him sucking and nibbling on his teat as she whispered. ’Mummy’ has got all this milk for her darling baby.’

"That's much better, Ronnie darling! As Ronnie renewed his sucking while he used the other hand to play with her other nipple.’

"After a few minutes she pulled him away and said ’But now darling, Mummy wants you to make a baby inside her tummy for her dear.’

All of a sudden the play acting stopped, and she said seriously ."Ronnie I don’t know what your ex mother has done for you but your cock is definitely bigger than most boys your age.’
’ Helen - Mummy darling its you, your nearness does that to me" he told her quietly.

Every stroke of her warm hand up and down his cock made him harder and hornier. Suddenly she bent over to his dripping cock. He sucked in his breath when he felt her warm lips touch the naked head of his swollen cock. Her lips closed round the head of his cock as she started sucking and licking at his hardness.

"Delicious," Helen said, licking her lips. "I just have to taste the cum that's oozing from your cock!"

With that, Helen flicked out her tongue and brought the tip of it against the top of his cock . She ran her thumb up the underside of his cock, forcing another droplet of pre-cum to ooze from the tip. She eagerly caught the droplet on the tip of her tongue and took it into her mouth..

Helen opened her mouth and went down again on his cock. She wrapped her warm wet lips around the head, and sucked hard, running her practiced tongue around the underside of it, making his balls ache with pleasure. She took him deeper into her mouth by the second, sucking and licking his cock. "Oh, wow! That feels great, Mummy he gasped.

He couldn’t believe how good she was making him feel. He had had many blow jobs from his mother but he had never experienced anything, that could make him feel that good. He didn’t know how much longer he could stand it without shooting into her mouth.

Helen wrapped her finger around his balls and squeezed them tightly. She let his cock pull from her lips with an audible slurping sound. She squeezed his balls with one hand and his cock with the other.

As she looked into his eyes. "Ronnie your ex mother told me that you can come four times in one session. Do you want to go for the record darling?. he could only nod and she said. "Wonderful! Then I'll suck you off and let you come in my mouth. You'll have plenty of hot cum left to shoot into my pussy. I just know you'll like shooting a wad down my throat. I'll like it too. I just love the taste of cum. To feel it shooting against the back of my throat, and to feel it running down my throat. Your cum is so thick and so hot and /sweet/">sweet!"

The sex-starved woman plunged down on his cock and began sucking wildly at it. Every muscle in his body was tense now as he came nearer and nearer to a climax. Ronnie felt her lips pressing against his naked cock, he could feel her teeth gently scraping against his sensitive cock as she bobbed her head up and down on him. She moved her head faster and faster, taking his cock all the way down her throat with each downward plunge.

As Helen worked away, he couldn’t help arching his back and thrusting up and down. She reached under his buttocks and grabbed hold of him to pull him close, squeezing and lifting it, forcing his cock even deeper down her throat. She almost choked on his swollen cock, but she was obviously enjoying every moment of it.

He could feel her throat grasping his cock, and he felt her swallowing it. Her long painted fingernails were digging into the cheeks of his buttocks. His balls bounced between his legs, swelling more and more with hot cum. he knew that it wouldn't be long before he exploded down her throat. Helen moaned deep in her throat and sucked harder than ever. Then he came as his balls exploded and filled her sucking throat with it.

Ronnie closed his eyes when his wad shot through his cock . Spurt after spurt of it shot from his cock and into Zo’s eager mouth. - he thought he would never stop coming. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. Helen opened her eyes and watched him as he had his orgasm She tried to swallow all the cum he shot into her mouth, but it was no use. The stuff trickled from her lips, and ran down over her chin, dripping onto his cock and saturating his balls.

"Oh, Ronnie! Ronnie, darling! - you are definitely so much bigger than the average fifteen year old. It was beautiful! Did you enjoy it, lover? "Mummy you know I did..’ He said as he still felt the surge of pleasure that she had caused throughout his body.

"Yes, Ronnie. It tasted so good! Your cock is still hard, Ronnie. You're such a good stud darling! I just love you, and we are going to have so much fun together " as she was speaking, she had thrown off her negligee and jumped on to the bed She lay on her back with her legs spread, letting him have a good long look at her waiting pussy.

Ronnie climbed on top of her as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. Her naked tits crushed up against his young chest. Her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples brushed against his skin, making them tingle. Ronnie just loved being held close to her like this. To his /surprise/">surprise she told him to lie on his back. She planted a long wet loving kiss on his lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Ronnie responded in kind. It was a nervous sort of kiss, but she obviously enjoyed it. She began kissing his throat and making a trail of kisses down his chest to his hard stomach all the way to the hair on his groin. She tangled her fingers in his curly pubic hair and let her tongue flick over the head of his swollen cock.

"It's just delicious, lover. It's so hard and hot. I just love the way your cock tastes. I could suck it all day," she said, opening her lips and once again taking his cock into her mouth. Once again. Helen sucked his cock until it seemed ready to explode. By the time she was ready to stop sucking it, he was writhing in pleasure, moving his legs and tossing his head to and fro. She let his cock pull from her sucking lips, and let it snap against his stomach. Her tongue moved to my swollen balls. She tickled his balls with the tip of her tongue, pressing them, dividing them in their sac. She kissed the pouch that held his balls. She nibbled at his sensitive ball-sac, tugging at his skin with her teeth. Then she opened her lips and sucked his balls into her mouth one at a time.

"Helen dear. I think I'm going to shoot it again!" he rasped. Helen let his balls pull from her mouth and planted a kiss on the throbbing head of his cock. Then she straddled his body and rubbed her juicy /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt against his chest. She then moved down over his body, and positioned herself over his cock. She held it with one hand as she gently lowered herself onto it, until her seething wet pussy was pressing against his cock. She rubbed her pussy against the length of his swollen cock, pressing it into her hot slit, making it warm and wet with her freely flowing cunt juice.

"I want you inside me, lover! Fuck me! Crawl on top of me and ram your cock into me!" she moaned, rolling over on her back and opening her long lithe legs for him, he mounted her and poked his cock against her cunt in a wild frenzy.

"Let me help you, baby!" she said, reaching down and guiding his rock-hard cock into her pussy. Helen closed her eyes as he rammed his cock into her all the way to the hilt, until his balls were slapping against her in one rough thrust. "Did I hurt you, Helen?" I asked. As she gave a little moan.

"No, darling, not really! I love it ! Fuck me! /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard! Oh, Ronnie, your cock is so long and hard! I can feel it way up inside me! Move it in and out, lover! Fuck me! Fuck my lovely aching pussy ! Feed my pussy Ronnie darling you know just what pussy likes’ she cried.

He began fucking her wildly. He bucked his ass harder and harder, making the bed bounce. His balls slapped against her hot damp crotch each time He banged into her. Her tits shivered and shook as he pounded her pussy. Her pussy muscles vibrated against his cock like a dozen hands squeezing him tightly. It was a feeling unlike anything he had ever experienced.

Ronnie felt his balls swelling more and more by the second. He could feel the tension building between his legs and he knew that it wouldn't be long before he came all the way up this luscious woman's sucking pussy. Ronnie felt her fingernails digging into his back raising welts on him as she scratched him like a cat in heat.

The sounds of /hot/hot-fucking/">hot fucking filled the air, moans of pleasure mingling with the slurping sounds their flesh made as they banged together. He was panting hard as he furiously fucked this gorgeous woman. Helen was breathless ."Oh, Jesus! Ronnie dear I'm going to come.!, You're making me come, lover! Oh, Ronnie Fuck me! In and out! Shoot me full of cum! Pump it into me! Empty your balls into me! Make a baby in me! I'm coming, comminngg!" she screamed as her pussy started to spasm.

"I'm coming too! I'm gonna shoot it, Mummy! I'm gonna come in your pussy! Take it! Take all my juices darling mummy! Oh, wow!" he gasped, .he knew that he wasn't dreaming when his balls ballooned up between his legs. His body jerked when surge after surge of pleasure shot through him. He thought he would never stop coming. Helens pussy seemed to suck at his cock until she had milked every last drop of cum out of him.

"It was lovely, Ronnie. You made me come so beautifully? " she whispered in his ear as he lay panting on top of her. "It sure felt great! Do you want me to take my cock out of you now, Helen dear?’ he asked..

"Yes, lover. Take it out and let me suck it for you until it's good and hard again. Then I'll let you fuck me another way," she said in a honeyed voice.
"Another way? You mean it?" he asked excitedly.
"If you're up to it, Ronnie!"
"Hell, yes Helen you know that I can go on doing' this all day with you! This is great!" he said pulling his cock out of her clutching pussy, and sitting cross-legged next to her on the bed.
"You're just the boy I need, Ronnie. You're so eager and virile. You're just the perfect lover for me!" she breathed, wrapping her wet lips around the slippery head of his cock.

Helen sucked every last drop of cum from his balls and licked the shaft of his cock until he was hard again. She put her fingers in her pussy and diddled herself while she sucked my cock into a full erection.
"Why don't we go take a shower together, lover?" she suggested.
"Together, Helen? Wow! That sounds like fun!"
"Oh, it will be, Ronnie! I'll let you lather up my pussy and I'll wash your cock and balls for you. A shower will make us both very horny, I promise you that," she said, slipping out of bed and leading him to the bathroom.

Helen stepped into the shower with him and adjusted the spray until it made their skin tingle just right. She rubbed the soap over her naked tits, making them glisten. Ronnie couldn't resist reaching out and putting his hands on her naked tits. They were silky and resilient in his warm hands. He filled the crevice between her luscious tits with suds and then spread them all over her flesh. His hands glided over her soapy tits. He ran his hands down over her sides all the way to her silken thighs. She parted her legs and let him have access to her steaming pussy.

He went down on his knees before this luscious woman, and began rubbing the bar of soap against her naked cunt. It wasn't long before her pussy looked like a cream pie. Helen handed him a washcloth and he knew just what to do with it. When she spread her legs ever farther, he held the cloth between his fingers and began sawing it back and forth between the shivering lips of her cunt. He drove her wild. Each time the cloth stroked the tingling bud of her clit, she cried out in pure delight. When she could stand the maddening sensations no longer, she fell to her knees in front of Him and began soaping his rigid cock and swollen balls.

Helen wrapped her fingers around his soapy cock and began slowly wanking him as he leaned back against the shower wall, his body was tense in every muscle. His cock filled her hand, he knew that before long she would want him to fuck her again. It was only seconds later that she cried out .
"Fuck me, lover! Fuck me again!" she cried.
"Here? In the shower?" he asked a little surprised..

"Yesssssss! Right now Ronnie! I need your cock in my /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy again! I can't get enough of you, lover! I can't get enough of your big thick tool! " she cried.

Helen got on her knees, the water cascading over her naked body. She reached between her kneeling legs, and rubbed her naked pussy, inviting him to take her then with his /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock.

"Fuck me from behind. Ronnie! Get on Your knees and shove your cock into me! I feel like a bitch in heat, darling, so fuck me like a dog! Fuck me hard! Make me feel it!"

Ronnie got on his knees behind her and guided his jerking cock between the open lips of her pussy. He shoved his cock home in one mighty plunge, filling her pussy the way she was demanding it. He felt her muscles sucking at him, pulling him into her. It was almost as if her hands were gently massaged his cock inside her pussy .He began thrusting in and out of her hard and fast. His big cum-filled balls slapped against her soapy pussy, and his hard stomach banged against her upturned buttocks.

"Oh, God! Ronnie dear It's perfect! Fuck me, you wonderful young stud! You're a real stud and my very own lover.’! Fuck me hard! Ream my cunt! Make my pussy shiver! Make me come!" she moaned.

Ronnie ran his hands up and down her silky body as he fucked her. He gasped when he felt her reach between his legs and grab his balls. She squeezed his tender young balls and tugged at them gently while he fucked her. She started squeezing him hard enough to cause him some discomfort, but the pleasure was enough to make him disregard it. It didn't take long for him to reach the peak of pleasure again. He had already cum twice, but Helen was such an expert at sexual stimulation that she made him feel like he was about to shoot another wad at any minute.

"You're making me come again, Ronnie! Oh, darling! You're doing such beautiful things to me! You're so much better at fucking than my fucking husband was! Oh, Ronneeee" she screamed as her cunt collapsed around his cock.

He grunted, and gasped, when his body surged with the pure pleasure of another ball busting orgasm. He wrapped his arms around Helen and bokep sma pecah perawan grabbed her wet tits, squeezing them gently as he held her.

"Take my cum, Mummy! Take it in your cunt! Oh, fuck! I'm shooting' it again!" he growled.

"Oh yes Ronnie fill me with it! He want it in my cunt! Oh, yes! He can feel it spurt inside me!" she cried, her body still surging with pleasure after her orgasm.

They dried each other after their wild session in the shower, each of them paying close attention to the other's sexual organs. Helen knew that he could fuck her again, and make her come as wildly as before. She wrapped her fingers around his hardening cock and led him by his cock out of the bathroom and down the hall back to her bedroom.

It was some years later that Ronnie now in his early twenties and just having been awarded his B.Sc in Science at University sat watching the television news, while Lady Helen sat nearby knitting. The years had been good to them both. Ronnie would not have changed a thing

Suddenly he gasped as looking at the news, he saw his mother now on the television news as the wife of a peer of the realm with two lovely children. For a second he was in shock, but looking across at the still lovely looking Lady Helen, he was happy and very contented with life. The end.