Steamy Windows

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Steamy Windows

His lips touched hers and she submitted to him totally. His tongue pushed its way into her mouth and slid over hers; around her gums, her teeth. His hand slid down to her knee and then up her skirt, caressing it’s way up and down her leg, over and over again. Her hands were at his collar, franticly undoing buttons. He shrugged the jacket off and worked at her buttons, all the while intensifying the oral assault on her senses. 

The windows of the car were well steamed up now from the perspiration pouring of their bodies, but neither noticed as they had their eyes tight shut. He slid one arm out of his shirt and then the other, and she started work on the belt of his trousers. Now her blouse was undone and she let go of him for a second as she slipped out of it. Her chest was flushed red and her breasts heaved inside the white bra. His practiced hands slid round behind her and undid the clip holding the restricting piece of clothing in place. Her breasts spilled out and pressed into his chest. His lips left hers as she finally removed his belt and he pulled back to remove the trousers. She dived forward and dragged the underpants over his legs to reveal his erect penis within. They split apart again and sat there looking at each other. He leant forwards and began undoing her skirt. 

She stroked his back while he did so, now going at a much slower tempo. The skirt went onto the pile of clothes and she pushed him back as he started on her stockings. She rolled the filmy material down her legs until all she was wearing was a pair of white knickers around her crotch. Then she leant forward and kissed him again. This time it was her tongue pushing into his mouth. His hand slid down over her body and into the knickers, on top of the buttocks. He squeezed gently as his penis pushed against her leg. His lips slid down from hers to her breasts, kissing all around them and on the nipples. She closed her eyes and gasped. Then she pulled away a practically tore off the last item of clothing and looked him in the eye, daring him to take her. He reached over and opened the glove compartment, removed a packet and drew out of it a rubber condom. Replacing packet in compartment and closing it, he offered the contraceptive to her. She dipped her head towards his groin and pulled his penis into her mouth. Giving one long hard suck, she withdrew it and carefully placed the condom on the stiff protrusion. Giving one more suck, she lay back, and submitted to him completely as he skilfully steered him into her body. Her world exploded with pleasure. 

She was leant back against the car door, legs apart, stomach facing up and away from the door behind her at an angle, so the vulva pointed towards him. He leant over her, lying right across the seats, one hand either side of her smooth, curved body. His head bent down on her chest, the mouth running around her breasts. He was bent back slightly, but his hips began to move back and forth in a slow, controlled rhythm. She saw the dark patch the wwwxxx between them entered her; with each pull back she saw the large thick ridged penis glistening with sweat and her own vaginal secretions. He moved slowly, enough to give her a powerful feeling, but too slow for anything to happen, yet. Her world was consumed by a burning desire for orgasmic fulfilment. He continued his slow thrust and rise, teasing her starved senses. 

The throbbing within her abdomen was an intense buzz, staying just this side of /climax/">climax. She willed herself to orgasm, but at the same time knew she wanted it to last longer than that. She tried to straighten a bit, so that he lifted her completely, whilst keeping his penis inside, and turned so that she was sitting facing him across his lap with him in the passenger seat. She leant back on the dashboard and looked down over the small folds of skin on her stomach. He had to lift her up and down to keep the /penis/penis-vagina/penis-and-vagina/">penis and vagina sliding past each other. Her arms were out to the side, balancing slightly, and she was content to watch him wonderingly as he busied himself with her pubic region. Except that she was not content. She needed climax. Desperately she began to raise and lower herself on her knees above his lap. The feeling in her vagina increased tenfold. 

She staggered down onto him as the wave of sensation hit her. He had stopped. Both were panting now, the breath escaping their lips in groans and sighs. He started again, this time with increased urgency. She started moving as well in time with him, so the penis would slide almost right out each time. Down, she pressed her crotch wwwxxx into his lap, trying to envelope everything he had. Pubic hair tickled around her clitoris; simply an extra stimulus. Now the throbbing in her groin had reached fever pitch. She could hear nothing but her pulse throbbing in her ears and the short barks of pleasure that came out of his mouth. He stopped his motion, but she carried on, increasing the feeling. Glistening vaginal fluids seeped over his pubic hair. His hands had left the hips and now were in around the penis. He found her clitoris and squeezed it in his fingers, rubbing hard around the slightly erect piece of tissue. She actually screamed as a mixture of pain and intense pleasure flooded through her. She was submerged by a tidal wave of throbbing pleasure emanating from her reproductivecentre.

 All her nervous system was overwhelmed by the orgasm, so she saw, smelt and heard nothing but the throbbing of her pulse. Her arms crushed him into her chest with the strength of madness. All she could feel was the super-sensitive flesh around her crotch twitching as muscles sucked his penis deeper into her body. She felt another presence inside her. Opening her eyes, she saw him with a thumb up next to his penis. She fell back again; her heart straining to escape her chest from between the swollen breasts. The sweat poured off of her and him, covering them both in their own blend of sweat. He started moving her again on his penis, wanting his own orgasm. She was too tired to join the action, but she felt herself building again towards another one. The nerves around her sex organs informed her with startling clarity that his penis was pushing harder on her vagina now, almost touching the cervix, as more blood flowed to meet the demands being placed upon the organ. Once again they moved around, though this time it was her who started. She slowly leant over until she was kneeling forward on the other seat, elbows and knees supporting her. 

He was kneeling behind her, having twisted the penis in her. As he took up the rhythm again, she started pushing backwards onto his organ. Entirely new sensations were being created due to the different orientation of his penis. She felt herself coming closer to another orgasm. 

Suddenly, she felt him straighten up behind her, his penis pulsing with renewed vigour. Then she felt a slight tickle inside her over-stimulated vagina as his /semen/">semen shot into the condom. Such was the vigour of his /ejaculation/">ejaculation that she felt the small feeling through the rubber. Small though it was it was enough to push her into orgasm again. This time she was expecting it and managed to keep hold of her senses. Her vagina sucked again, trying to pull the non-existent sperm towards her egg. He fell over forward onto her back and there they stayed for a few minutes, breathing slowing down as their now placid sex organs returned to the usual size. His hands crept around to cup her breasts were they dangled from her chest. 

Then he straightened up and made to pull his now small and floppy penis from her groin. She slipped a hand behind her and put finger and thumb round the male organ right were it joined her body. When he slid his penis out now, lightly covered with female and male secretions, the full condom remained inside her body. A thin rubber ring protruded from her vagina as it closed up after its ’visitor’. It was almost like using a tampon, except that she felt it every time she moved her legs. It tickled around the vagina and clitoris. Permanent stimulation.

They got dressed in silence, omitting all /underwear/">underwear except her stockings. Their underclothes made a small pile in the back seat. There was one thing she still wanted to do, though. She undid his fly again and put her hand inside. She slowly caressed through the pubic hair, avoiding the penis, although it was getting harder again and pushing away from his body. Her hand came to rest around his testicles. She cupped them and rolled them and stroked them wonderingly. He smiled down at her and there lips met again. Then she removed her hand and lips, he did up his fly and they were off as if nothing had happened.