Research Ethics

TAPS references to guidelines provided by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) for duplicate publication, plagiarism, fabricated data, authorship changes prior to and after publication, ghost, guest or gift authorship, conflict of interest, appropriation of work and whistle blowing cases.

Authors should ensure, where necessary, the approval from their respective Institutional Review Boards (IRB) or Research Ethical Committees (REC), where applicable, is sought prior to the submission of their research materials for publication with TAPS.

Declaration of Helsinki 
All research materials that involve human subjects or identifiable human data or component shall adhere to the Helsinki-ethical principles as stated by the World Medical Association. Submission of manuscript with TAPS implies the author has agreed to and complied with the Declaration of Helsinki throughout the entire execution of research work.

Conflict of Interest
All parties, including authors and reviewers, are required to declare any conflict of interest to maintain the integrity of manuscript and its review process.

To declare conflict of interest or for enquiries, please contact us.