Professor Celia Tan Ia Choo

Professor Celia Tan started in health care as a physiotherapist in 1983 and quickly developed the passion for capacity building and service expansion to meet the increasing health care needs of her patients and fellow colleagues. In her more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, she has started many new clinical services, educational and research centres in SGH and in SingHealth.

Starting in 2002, Celia developed the satellite Rehabilitation services (Rehab Associates) in the heartland polyclinics to bring rehab closer to the patient’s home. She started the first postgraduate Allied Health training institute (PGAHI) in 2003, directed the development of an interdisciplinary and multi-professional SGH Lifestyle Improvement and Fitness Centre (LIFE) in 2007, together with the Head of Depts from Endocrine and Behavioural Medicine Departments, and finally created the Biomedical Skills training laboratory to support Allied Health and medical research in robotics and biomechanics in 2013.