Professor Lambert Schuwirth


Lambert Schuwirth obtained his MD from Maastricht University. In 1991 he joined the department of Educational Development and Research there, taking up various roles in student assessment: chairman of the inter-university and the local progress test review committee, the OSCE review committee and the case-based testing committee.

Since the early 2000s he has been chair of the overall task force on assessment. He has been advisor on assessment to medical colleges in the Netherlands and the UK. In 2010 he chaired an international consensus group on education research the results of which were published in Medical Teacher.

Since 2007 he is a full-professor for Innovative Assessment at Maastricht University – currently as adjunct; since 2011 he is a strategic professor for Medical Education at Flinders University in Adelaide Australia and the Director of the Flinders University Prideaux Centre for Health Professions Education.